Manufactures with no intermediaries

Besides carefully selecting raw materials and finished products to import and market, our strength is in-house manufacturing of customized products: when we receive special orders, we are able to manufacture customized screws, washers, rods, and studs to meet our clients’ needs, thanks to our fine machinery such as a teach-in lathe.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we are not resellers: we are manufacturers.

With all the advantages that it implies for our clients.


There are no intermediaries, we establish direct contacts with clients interested in our products.


We can manufacture special pieces according to our clients’ needs.


We do not depend on external suppliers’ timing, and we guarantee fast and safe delivery.


A European Company

Ever since we set up this company 40 years ago, we have focused on quality through a strong European vocation: most of the steel we use to manufacture our products comes from Italian and European markets, alongside a few qualified suppliers in the US. Our policy is clear: we do not import raw materials from countries that do not guarantee high quality standards.


Tecnoviti srl

Its origins

In May 1982, Fabrizio Borghi founded Tecnoviti in a small warehouse on Via Mezzara in Seveso.

A few years into this new but thriving business, we decided to take our company to the next level: in 1987 we moved to a proper shed.

We kept our business in Seveso, but we and our three employees moved onto Via della Repubblica.

The Business took off

The business took off and in 1996 we realized we needed more room: the construction of an independent building, also in Seveso, began and the following year we moved the business there with one hundred thirty pallets of materials, machinery and five employees.

The proper breakthrough came at the beginning of the 2000s: listening to the needs of our clients, we decided to establish a manufacturing unit for customized special nuts and screws.

It was the first step towards customization: thanks to our teach-in lathe, we have managed to design exactly
the requested piece and to replicate it at scale.


Customization paid off: after a few years, in 2006 we planned to buy a new building to be used as a factory for special components manufacturing. We took over a trusted supplier of ours and we
managed to bring into the new building also its manufacturing know-how.

The New Team

When the sons of the Founder, Fabrizio Borghi, joined the Company, they brought along new ideas
and expanded the business vision: this new team achieved its biggest goal and in only three months the company obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The New Building

In 2022, Tecnoviti achieved a new important goal for its future: the Company bought a new building on Via Vignone, 17, in Seveso (Monza Brianza).



We believe that any company plays a crucial role in the economic fabric where it operates.
Drawing up a business plan and following it is not enough.
Tecnoviti has always reached its economic goals while respecting its core values: quality and control of the supply chain.


In the field of steel, the markets of the so-called BRICS countries are often the go-to choice to buy low-cost raw materials, although at the expense of quality.

Tecnoviti has always chosen a different path: we predominantly import steel from Italy, and, alternatively, we turn to European and American markets to ensure maximum value for our clients.

Our long-established and solid storage capacity allows us to always have a good quantity of hard- to-find materials available that we have been stocked throughout the years.


In order to offer maximum quality, we have chosen to have control over our finished product manufacturing.

We are among the very few Italian companies in this industry to be able to manufacture customized original pieces upon our clients’ request.

Our quality assurance also covers company processes: planning, development, rocurement, manufacturing, and after-sales support have allowed us to be ISO 9001:2015.7-certified.


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